Medical Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing

Small Quantity Proofing, Mass Production

Mictron ChianChyun Enterprise Group provides medical products ODM, OEM, PCBA services, which can be sampled in small quantities and produced in large quantities. From the initial design concept to the complete internal production process and product verification, the professional quality control team can meet various customized needs, greatly shorten the delivery time, and implement true vertical integration.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Automatic Electronic Component Storage

US Cleanroom 209D Standard 100,000

Antistatic System

Medical Electronic
Feature Products

Toilet/shower Pullcord Station for Executone

Magnetic pullcord Switch Panel, design to fit in the toilet, shower and other humid environment.

EconoCall Call Cord

Oxygen isolated nurese call cable design to use in Intensive Care Unit and other environment with high level of Oxygen.

Power Strip

An OA furniture power strip design with 4 circuits can be connect to 4 different power breaker.

GeriCall Call Cord

The GeriCall Geriatric Call Cord is a round, flattened momentary call cord pad that works great for residents who have limited hand dexterity.

About Us

Mictron ChianChyun Enterprise Group

It has been 40 years since Mictron was established in 1981. It has successively set up factories in Beijing, Malaysia, Shenzhen and Vietnam. It is currently headquartered in Taipei and production is located in Guangdong and Vietnam. Products are mainly exported to China, Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Japan, Europe and other regional countries. Mictron mainly focuses on four major areas, including medical electronics, automotive electronics, communications electronics and consumer electronics. The team assists in creating new product development projects in various fields. Mictron has a number of relevant professional-level quality system certifications, and is familiar with product safety certification and assists in application services. Customers can also enjoy Mictron’s accumulated supply chain resources for many years to accelerate the product development process.

The Mictron manufacturing process covers the initial design concept, material application, complete internal production process planning and final quality inspection, and implements true vertical integration to improve project quality and reduce unnecessary expenses. The Mictron professional team conducts close communication and cooperation with customers at all stages of product development, starting from the manufacture ability design process, and providing customized design solutions based on the customer orientation. Mictron’s complete new product development process and manufacturing, only to achieve first-class services and products for customers.

US Cleanroom 209D Standard 100,000

Automatic Electronic Component Storage

Antistatic System

Medical Electronic

Product Design and Manufacturing

Design and Product Strategy Planning

3D Printing

Tooling Design

Tooling Manufacture

Product Manufacture and Assembly

mmWave Camera Obscura

2.5D CMM

Color Test Measuring Instrument Machine

Color Inspection Machine

IoV Integration Machine

Tooling Design and Manufacturing

Tooling Design

Tooling Manufacture

Molding Assembly

Plastic Injection Molding

2D CMM (CoordinateMeasuring Machine)

Tooling and Modeling Machines

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Milling Machine

Grinding Machine


Electric Discharge Machine

Plastic Injection Videos

Mold Mounting

Mold Installation

Mold Injection

Single-day Capacity of PCBA (CM602)

1.2 Million Points

Two SMT Production Lines

3200 Substrates

Two DIP Production Lines

100 Units

Four Assembly Lines

PCBA Production

After receiving clients Gerber File, our team can provide professional consultation with PCB designing and manufacture. It can efficiently reduce producing failure in the future.

PCB Assembly Production Machine

Automatic Loader Machine

Automatic Solder Paster Printing Machine

3D Solder Paste Inspection System

Panasonic CM602 High Speed Surface-mount Machine


UV Air Purifier

Automated Optical Inspection Machine

Cable Design and Manufacturing

Cable Design

3D Printing

Tooling Design

Tooling Production

Cable Forming

Functional Testing

Reliability and Quality Testing

Cable Assembly and Manufacture


Automatic Dispensing Machine

Automatic Soldering Machine

Customization Apple Wire Measuring Instrument

Color Measuring Instrument

Automatic Connector Soldering Machine

Laser Welding Machine

Automatic Cutting Machine

Reliability and Quality Testing Ability

Bending Measuring Instrument

Vibration Measuring Instrument

Friction Measuring Instrument

Insert/Pull Measuring Instrument

Salt Spray Measuring Instrument

Multi-channel Measuring Instrument

Plastic Measuring Instrument

Temperature Measuring Instrument

Pull Force Measuring Instrument

Drop Measuring Instrument

LED Measuring Instrument

RoHS Measuring Instrument

2D Measuring Instrument

Pull-Off Measuring Instrument

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IPC Certification

ISO 9001 Certification